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Auditory and Vestibular Research

The Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh has plans to establish the Pittsburgh Hearing Institute. This transformative clinical and research institute aims to cure hearing loss and related balance disorders.  This group, comprised of world-class surgeons, audiologists, and researchers, will provide personalized care for people suffering from hearing loss and balance disorders while providing access to cutting-edge technologies and clinical trials.  

The Pittsburgh Hearing Institute sees every patient as an opportunity to discover the underlying causes of hearing loss and identify new therapies through a multidisciplinary, translational research approach.

Specifically, the Pittsburgh Hearing Institute is a focus for national and international researchers. It houses multiple centers of research excellence, including tinnitus and hyperacusis, genetic hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, immune-mediated and autoimmune inner ear disease, Meniere's disease, Brain plasticity and rehabilitation, tympanic membrane regeneration, inner ear regeneration, chronic otitis media, vertigo, acoustic neuroma, and skull base tumor therapies. 

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Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Drug therapy for people with tinnitus.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy for congenital hearing loss.

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Our Researchers

Meet our Audiology and Vestibular researchers.