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Hearing and Vision Sciences (HSV) Graduate Certificate Program

The Hearing and Vision Sciences (HVS) graduate certificate program is designed to train the next generation of hearing and vision researchers both in basic and translational research. This goal is accomplished by offering coursework and opportunities for collaborative research and mentorship with basic and translational researchers.

The certificate is available to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in any relevant graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh. This program attracts and trains top graduate students and leverage the strengths of our world class hearing and vision sciences programs. As such, this program trains new graduate students, serves the needs of our faculty, and further promotes the highly collaborative academic research environment that is a hallmark of our school and university.

The two main components of the program are:

  • A set of core curriculum courses that provide students with standardized skills that are fundamental to hearing and vision research.
  • Research support and training. The Departments of Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology and the Brain Institute will fund up to five students per year (stipend + fringe).

Successful completion of the required curriculum and elective courses will lead to the granting of the certificate. The requirements for the certificate are spread over years 2-4 of graduate study. Support will be provided for one year, but requests for extension will be considered.  Students who complete this certificate will add a maximum of six months to their overall graduate studies.

The Hearing and Vision Sciences Program is run by Dr. Thanos Tzounopoulos (Director), Dr. John Ash (Co-director), and Holly Hill, (Program Administrator).

Learn more about the required courses and admission requirements here.