Department of Otolaryngology

UPMC Head & Neck Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Partnering with Survivors to Live Beyond Cancer

As you finish your treatment for head and neck cancer, you might wonder, what happens next?  While some people return to their everyday lives, some patients have difficulty adjusting due to the effects of their cancer and its treatment.  We recognize that your life after cancer treatment is important and that continued support is needed through this transition and throughout the rest of your life.

What is Survivorship?

While there is no one single definition of "survivorship, we view survivorship as the period after treatment has ended, and when a person is seen as free of disease.  No matter how survivorship is defined, we understand that this experience is unique for each patient.  Survivorship care focuses on a patient's individual physical, psychosocial, and economic issues that can arise after cancer treatment has ended.

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Appointment Information

For more information and scheduling an appointment, please contact 412-647-2100.