Department of Otolaryngology

Thanos Tzounopoulos, PhD

  • Endowed Chair, Auditory Physiology


Education & Training

  • PhD: Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Science University

Academic Affiliation

Department of Neurobiology and Center of the Neural Basis of Cognition, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University

Representative Publications

Bopanna I. Kalappa, Charles T. Anderson, Jacob M. Goldberg, Stephen J. Lippard, Thanos Tzounopoulos (2015). AMPA Receptor Inhibition by Synaptically Released Zinc. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (PNAS), 2015 Dec 8. pii: 201512296

Shuang Li, Bopanna I. Kalappa and Thanos Tzounopoulos (2015). Noise-Induced Plasticity of KCNQ2/3 and HCN Channels Underlies Vulnerability and Resilience to Tinnitus. eLife 2015;10.7554/eLife.07242.

Bopanna I. Kalappa, Heun Soh, Kevin Duignan, Takeru Furuya, Scott Edwards, Anastassios V.Tzingounis and Thanos Tzounopoulos (2015). Potent Kv7.2/3 (KCNQ2/3)-specific channel activator suppresses in vivo epileptic activity and prevents the development of tinnitus. Journal of Neuroscience, 2015 Jun 10;35(23):8829-42. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.5176-14.2015.

Charles T. Anderson, Robert J. Radford, Daniel Y. Zhang, Ulf-Peter Apfel, Stephen J. Lippard, Thanos Tzounopoulos (2015). Modulation of Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors by Synaptic and Tonic Zinc. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2015 May 19;112(20):E2705-14. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1503348112.

Ankur Joshi, Jason W. Middleton, Charles T. Anderson, Gordon M. G. Shepherd and Thanos Tzounopoulos (2015). Cell-Specific, Activity-Dependent Fractionation of Layer2/3à5B Excittaory Signaling in Mouse Auditory Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 2015 Feb 18;35(7):3112-23. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0836-14.2015.

Shuang Li, Veronica Choi, Thanos Tzounopoulos (2013). Pathogenic Plasticity of Kv7.2/3 Channel Activity is Essential for the Induction of Tinnitus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2013 June 11; 110 (24) 9980- 9985.

Perez-Rosello T, Anderson CT, Schopfer FJ, Zhao Y, Gilad D, Salvatore SR, Freeman BA, Hershfinkel M, Aizenman E, Thanos Tzounopoulos (2013). Synaptically Released Zn2+ Inhibits Neurotransmitter Release by Promoting Endocannabinoid Synthesis. Journal of Neuroscience, 2013 May 29;33(22):9259-72.

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Research Interest Summary

Cellular Mechanisms, Auditory Processing

Research Interests

Dr. Tzounopoulos's Research Interests include:

  • Synaptic and Ion Channel Physiology in the Brain
  • Synaptic and Ion Channel Mechanisms in Normal and Pathological Auditory Processing

Research Grants

NIH, NIDCD, R01 funding, Grant Number: R01DC007905, Title: Cell- specific Synaptic Plasticity in the Auditory Brainstem, March 2007 - March 2017.

NIH, NIDCD, R56 funding, Grant Number: R56DC013272, Title: Cellular mechanisms underlying corticocollicular modulation in the auditory system, April 2014 - April 2017.

Department of Defense, USAMRAA Grant number: 13003002 Title: Development of Therapeutic Drugs That Prevent the Triggering of Tinnitus, 2014 -Aug 2017.