Department of Otolaryngology

Shoucheng Du, PhD

  • Visiting Research Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral Training, Department of Chemistry, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA, Bioorganic chemistry, Prof. David E. Cane group

Representative Publications

Yeh, J. I., Levine, A. S., Du, S., Chinte, U., Ghodke, H., Wang, H., Shi, H., Hsieh, C. L., Conway, J. F., Houten, B. V., and Rapic-Otrin, V. (2012) Damaged DNA induced UV-DDB dimerization and its roles in chromatinized DNA repair, PNAS, 109 (41), E2737-E2746.

Du, S., Betts, L., Yang, R., Shi, H., Concel, J., Ahn, J., Aiken, C., Zhang, P., and Yeh, J. I. (2011) Structure of the HIV-1 full-length capsid protein in a conformationally trapped unassembled state induced by small-molecule binding, J Mol Biol 406, 371-386.

Yeh, J. I., Shivachev, B., Rapireddy, S., Crawford, M. J., Gil, R. R., Du, S., Madrid, M., and Ly, D. H. (2010) Crystal structure of chiral gammaPNA with complementary DNA strand: insights into the stability and specificity of recognition and conformational preorganization, J Am Chem Soc 132, 10717-10727.

Verheijen, J. C., Wiig, K. A., Du, S., Connors, S. L., Martin, A. N., Ferreira, J. P., Slepnev, V. I., and Kochendorfer, U. (2009) Novel carbamate cholinesterase inhibitors that release biologically active amines following enzyme inhibition, Bioorg Med Chem Lett 19, 3243-3246.

Yeh, J. I., Chinte, U., Du, S. (2008) Structure of Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, an Essential Integral Membrane Enzyme Involved in Modulation of Respiration, Energy Status, and Phospholipid Biosynthesis. Proc. Natl.Acad. Sci. 105(9), 3280-3285.

Yeh, J. I., Du, S., Tortajada, A., Paulo, J., and Zhang, S. (2005) Peptergents: peptide detergents that improve stability and functionality of a membrane protein, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. Biochemistry 44, 16912-9.

Cane, D. E., Du, S., Robinson, J. K., Hsiung, Y., and Spenser, I. D. (1999) Biosynthesis of vitamin B-6: Enzymatic conversion of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate to pyridoxol phosphate. Journal of the American Chemical Society 121, 7722-7723.

Du, S., Faiger, H., Belakhov, V., and Baasov, T. (1999) Towards the development of novel antibiotics: synthesis and evaluation of a mechanism-based inhibitor of Kdo8P synthase. Bioorg Med Chem 7, 2671-82

Du, S., Plat, D., Belakhov, V., and Baasov, T. (1997) First nonenzymatic synthesis of Kdo8P through a mechanism similar to that suggested for the enzyme Kdo8P synthase. Journal of Organic Chemistry 62, 794-804.

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Research Interest Summary

Expression, Purification, Characterization, Crystallization and Structural Studies of Proteins

Research Interests

Dr. Du's research interests currently focus on the structural biology of zinc transporters. Zinc is the second most abundant transition metal in cells, with a zinc quota in the submillimolar range. It is an essential element for cell growth and development. Zinc transporters use transmembrane electrochemical potentials to drive Zn(II) transport across the membrane barrier, and play crucial roles in cellular zinc homeostatic control. Among them, the ZRT, IRT-like proteins (ZIPs) facilitate zinc uptake into the cytoplasm. Our structural studies on ZIPs will advance our knowledge on mechanisms and regulation of cellular Zn transportation.  Dr. Du is also working on structural studies on RNA Polymerase II/DNA/RNA complexes and parathyroid hormone receptor, a GPCR protein, by X-ray crystallography.