Department of Otolaryngology

Andrew A. McCall, MD, FACS

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology

Education & Training

  • University of California, Riverside, CA 1995-1999- BS, Biomedical Sciences
  • University of California, Los Angeles, CA 1998-2002- MD
  • University of California, Los Angeles, CA 2002-2008- Otolaryngology Residency
  • Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye & Ear, Boston, Massachusetts 2008-2010- Otology/Neurotology Fellowship

Representative Publications

McCall AA, Swan EE, Borenstein JT, Sewell WF, Kujawa SG, McKenna MJ. Drug delivery for treatment of inner ear disease: current state of knowledge. Ear and Hearing. 2010 April; 31(2):156-65. PMID 19952751

McCall AA, McKenna MJ, Merchant SM, Curtin HD, Lee DJ. Superior canal dehiscence syndrome associated with the superior petrosal sinus in pediatric and adult patients. Otol Neurotol. 2011 Oct; 32(8):1312-9. PMID 21918420

McCall AA, Yates BJ. Compensation following bilateral vestibular damage. Frontiers in Neurology. 2011; 2:88. PMID 22207864

McCall AA, Moy JD, Puterbaugh SR, DeMayo WM, Yates BJ. Responses of vestibular nucleus neurons to inputs from the hindlimb are enhanced following a bilateral labyrinthectomy. Journal of Appl Physiol. 2013 Mar; 114(6): 742-51. PMID: 23305979

Niesten ME, Hamberg LM, Silverman JB, Lou KV, McCall AA, Windsor A, Curtin HD, Herrmann BS, Grolman W, Nakajima HH, Lee DJ. Superior canal dehiscence and location influences clinical presentation and audiometric and cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potential testing. Audiol Neurootol. 2014 Jan 9;19(2):97-105. PMID: 24434937

Vivas EX, McCall A, Raz Y, Fernandez-Miranda JC, Gardner P, Hirsch BE. ICP, BMI, surgical repair and CSF diversion in patients presenting with spontaneous CSF otorrhea. Otol Neurotol. 2014 Feb; 35(2):344-7. PMID: 24448295

Hobson CE, Moy JD, Byers KE, Raz Y, Hirsch BE, McCall AA. Malignant otitis externa: Evolving pathogens and implications for diagnosis and treatment. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2014 Mar 26;151(1):112-116. PMID: 24675790

Arshian MS, Hobson CE, Catanzaro MF, Miller DJ, Puterbaugh SR, Cotter LA, Yates BJ, McCall AA. Vestibular nucleus neurons respond to hindlimb movement in the decerebrate cat. J Neurophysiol. 2014 Jun 15;111(12):2423-32. PMID: 24671527

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Research Interest Summary

Clinical interests: Semicircular canal dehiscence, Acoustic neuroma, Cochlear implantation, Otosclerosis, Cholesteatoma, Research interests: Vestibular and somatosensory processing in the central nervous system

Research Interests

Dr. McCall’s clinical focus is on the treatment of patients with otologic and neurotologic disorders.  He is specifically interested in the surgical management of patients with hearing loss, chronic otitis media and associated sequelae, or skull base disorders.

Dr. McCall’s scientific focus is on understanding the manner in which somatosensory inputs from the periphery are integrated with vestibular inputs in the central nervous system.  He is ultimately interested in translating insights gained from these experiments into clinical therapies for patients with vestibulopathy.

Research Grants

Effects of Hindlimb Inputs on the Activity of Vestibular Nucleus Neurons, 12/01/2014 – 11/30/2019, NIH NIDCD, K08