Department of Otolaryngology

Success Stories

Pittsburgh Blues Legend Billy Price, has worked with the University of Pittsburgh Voice team.  Learn more about his journey here

"Precise, professional, knowledgeable, patient centered.  The nurses line enables open communication between shots.  My call is always returned promptly with any needed information.  Every step needed for a correct diagonosis was also utilized in a patient, caring, timely manner.  Although I would hope it could be cured, coming here for shots has made my journey less stressful and confident that the best care and decision making for my voice is being made"
Maureen A.
Patient with spasmodic dysphonia

"As a professional singer and speaker, I was so impressed with how well the Voice Center understood me. When my voice was in a severe crisis, they knew exactly how to help. They understood the demands that are on my voice, and they were able to assemble a team to equip me to be healthy while still doing the things I love. Today my voice is stronger than ever. I really believe that the work of the team at the Voice Center enabled me to continue singing and preaching. Without them, my ability to do these things would be greatly impaired. I have the deepest gratitude for all of the team at the Voice Center, they equipped me to be me."
Jason H., lead pastor, Amplify Church

"I have 100% confidence in the skills of Dr. Clark Rosen and staff.  They are exceptionally warm people making the patient most comfortable.  After successful vocal fold surgery with 3 sets of steroid injections and voice therapy, I can confidentially state that my voice was restored at about 98%."
Margaret K.

"I chose Dr Rosen and staff over John's Hopkins and The Cleveland Clinic. Having spent much time in hospitals (serious MVA w/son, 6 mos in all levels of care, including 18 mos of repretative surgeries in 2 states, and a husband also MVA, who died 3 wks after due to DVT, have witnessed much). To my point, Dr Rosen and team have the knowkedge, but moreover, the respectful working relationship seen rarely in healthcare or any business enviornment I've known. It is their expertise combined with their humanity that allowed me to put my life in their hands. I only wish 40 years ago there was a Clark Rosen in my life. I'm sure my vocal chords and subsequent lack of thryroid supplementation would never had happened. This is added not for drama, merely to illustrate that I am a grateful, informed patient. UPMC is blessed to have such wonderful, talented and caring medical professionals on staff!"

“The staff treated me as if I were a member of the family.  I was impressed with the speed of my experience. It seemed like there was no waiting time at all. I felt that I was in an exceptional health care facility with a world-class surgeon. I am very comfortable knowing that Dr. Rosen will alleviate my problem.”

 “Everyone was wonderful, especially Christina, the singing therapist. Really felt Dr. Smith spent a lot of time with me”

 “Dr. VyVy Young is superb. I could not be happier with her care. She is super intelligent, warm, and informative. I believe I got the best care possible from her for a voice disorder.”

"I was very pleased with the care and health concerns that I received at Dr. Smith's office. I followed her instructions for my throat concerns and got wonderful results. I was very impressed with her staff, which was very kind and helpful, and should I have any health concerns in the future, I will return to her office.  Thank you very much Dr. Smith for making my health concerns a l00% better."

"The very best thing for me is that the staff caring for me really takes the time to listen...not to hear what they think I'm saying, but to really hear me and what's going on with my voice. I don't have to come often (it's been years since I've had to), but I appreciate the care I get here."

"On my first appointment, they visualized my vocal chords and assessed my speech pattern. They were able to reassure me that my issue was technique vs. something more serious.  The treatment regimen was then set and off we went.  Even more, they provided me a CD of the therapy sessions so, if I experience the same symptoms again (which I have) I can use the CD to practice. One last thing... They’re super kind and welcoming at the office!"