Department of Otolaryngology

Professional Speaking Training

Comprehensive Professional Speaking Training. The University of Pittsburgh Voice Center is offering its newest service to professional speakers that runs the gamut, from business and nonprofit professionals to academics and more. Anyone who presents, who uses voice to achieve goals, will benefit by improving their communication skills. Our program is a dramatic departure from standard public speaking training. At the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center, communication science meets communication effectiveness. We offer the latest and best in the theory and practice of public speaking principles. We emphasize the practical by helping you identify effective ways to craft the story, deliver, and create beautifully designed slide sets for your presentations. We will make a thorough assessment of your strengths and weakness, and then provide you with a plan to enhance your ability to communicate successfully. Our voice professionals will offer guidance based on many years of accomplishment. Our state of the art facility offers a range of tools for feedback and understanding. Through video recordings, instrumental voice measures, training in effective voice, speech production, and controlling voice and emotion, we will help you gain insights to improve everything from one-on-one interactions to group presentations.

For more information please contact:

Jackie Gartner-Schmidt, PhD or call 412-232-SING (7464).