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Psychogenic voice disorders

Psychogenic voice disorders

Psychogenic voice disorders have no apparent physical cause. The voice can sound strained, raspy or very soft. Complete loss of the voice is possible. Psychological difficulties usually underlie this category of voice disorders.

Psychogenic voice disorders risk factors and causes

Anyone who speaks can get a psychogenic voice disorder. The psychological effects of trauma can impact the voice. Other mental impairments can cause psychogenic voice disorders. Fear of speaking in front of a large group of people may make a person temporarily lose their voice.

Psychogenic voice disorders causes

A psychological trauma or other emotional issue may cause psychogenic voice disorders. In some cases, adolescent males or females resist the eventual lowering of the voice that comes with adulthood, causing a voice problem.

Psychogenic voice disorders complications

Psychogenic voice disorders make communication difficult or impossible. Poor communication can make underlying psychological concerns worse.

Psychogenic voice disorders symptoms and diagnosis

Psychogenic voice disorders can seem like other voice disorders that result from an illness or misuse of the voice. The voice can sound weak, raspy, hushed, or nonexistent.

Psychogenic voice disorders symptoms

A change in the voice. In most cases, the voice becomes quieter and softer, or the voice is lost completely.

Psychogenic voice disorders diagnosis

A doctor will conduct an examination to ensure that there is no physical or functional cause for the psychogenic voice disorders. The doctor will examine the throat and vocal cords. Testing may be done.

If the cause is psychological, examination by a psychologist or psychiatrist will take place.

Psychogenic voice disorders treatment

Addressing the psychological causes of psychogenic voice disorders is key to resolution of the voice disorder. Additional treatment can follow from a speech pathologist or voice teacher as needed.

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